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XRPi Downloads

Full Package

The full package is recommended for a "first time" installation. If you already have a working installation, it is simpler to use the upgrades in the next section.

XRPi v501c Full Package (??Kb)

Please note that there is no "sysop document" included with this version. You MUST rely on the online documentation, or the inbuilt MAN pages.


There are no upgrade packages available at present.

Executable Only

  • XRPi v501c (for Raspberry Pi, 731656 bytes)

  • XRLin v501c (for x86 32-bit, 737312 bytes)

    XRPi/XRLin Monitor Program:

  • XRPiMon v0.2 (for Raspberry Pi, 9616 bytes)

  • XRLinMon v0.2 (for x86 32-bit, 9756 bytes)

In most cases, all you will need to change is the executable file, but please check the changelog in case any config changes are required.

MAN(ual) Pages

If your XRouter MAN pages are out of date, you may obtain the latest ones here:

Latest MAN Pages in ZIP format (323Kb. Last updated 7th April 2013).

Unzip them into your MAN directory, overwriting the existing files.

Manual files are only available in English at present.

If anyone wants to translate them to other languages, we will put them on here.


Besides the online documentation, the full package always contains the latest sysop manual, but you may also download it here:

Latest XRPi Manual in RTF Format (not yet available)


After downloading XRPi, please read the installation overview on the XRPi home page, or the more detailed Installation page.

Or download the XRPi Manual (not yet available) and R.T.F.M.