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XRPi Changelog

Version 501c (30th May 2019)

Summary of Changes Since v501b

  • In chat server, the /? command now accepts arguments with or without the leading slash.

  • IP ROUTE ADD protected against malformed IP address, unsupported modes and missing arguments.

  • IP ROUTE DEFAULT protected against entry of unsupported modes.

  • Some IP commands now report an error code instead of just "Error".

  • Added "IP ROUTE LIST" command, as a natural complement to the other IP ROUTE commands. The existing IP ROUTES and IPR commands are unaffected.

  • Updated IP ROUTE syntax help.

  • Running with NUMCONSOLES=0 no longer results in a frozen display.

  • IP CONFIG display tidied up, and now displays MTU's, default route, and IPLINK addresses.

  • RESTART protected against missing or non-executable xrpi file, so it will now refuse to restart instead of borking the system.

  • IP routing mode "w" (Windows) has been replaced by "k" (Kernel). To preserve backward compatibility with existing configs, mode w is still accepted.

  • This version is no longer compatible with XrPiMon v0.1. Version 0.2 must be used instead.

  • XRPi and XRLin report the correct program name instead of "XRouter".

  • Max crontab line length raised from 127 to 255 characters.

  • Fixed: In chat help command, topic names were case sensitive. They are no longer case sensitive.

  • Fixed: "When an Ethernet port was defined, Telnet to localhost didn't work, unless 127.x.x.x had a mode 'k' entry in routes table". It is no longer necessary to add the route.

  • Fixed: "AXIP to/from localhost didn't work if an Ethernet port was defined."

  • Fixed: "END key doesn't end review mode".

  • Fixed: "Igate logging not working".

  • Fixed: "DOS mode not accepting backslashes"

  • Fixed: "Upper case HTTPBAN.SYS and CRONTAB.SYS not recognised".

Version 501b (21st March 2019)

  • Fixed "FTP not accepting filenames greater than 80 characters"

Version 501a (16th March 2019)

  • TCP RESET can now reset multiple sockets at once by separating them with spaces on the command line.

  • The KILL command can now accept multiple session numbers or "ALL" to kill all sessions except the one it is called from.

  • Code copied from Raspberry Pi to MX-Linux and compiled as "XRLin". Released to beta testers.