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Muskingum County Packet Nodes

Nodecall: KY8C-1
Nodecall: KY8C-2
Mailbox/BBS: KY8C-3 via KY8C-1
Nodealias: MUSKGM
Software: TheNet Plus 2.11st, TheNet X-1J4, G8BPQ v4.08a, K-Net v1.0, MSYS
Operating Frequencies/Baudrates:
145.010 MHz 1200 Baud
446.975 MHz 1200 Baud
Location: Near Norwich, Ohio @ 1115ft amsl
Kathleen, KB3RDR
Additional notes: KY8C-1, KY8C-2 and KY8C-3 Operated by
Up and running, (220 node on hold)