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Ohio Packet Node information by County

Whether you have established nodes setup or are trying to find a neighbor to link into, We aim to have all available nodes here. Fill in as much information as possible. Together we should be able to produce a fairly concise index.

For example:

Nodecall: W8CQK-1
Nodealias: BATTEL
Software: G8BPQ Version 4.08a
Operating Frequencies/Baudrates:
144.930 MHz 1200 Baud
223.660 MHz 1200 Baud
446.625 MHz 1200 Baud
443.725/448.725 MHz 9600 Baud (COPA Repeater)
420.850 MHz 19200 Baud
Location: Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio
Matt, KB8UVN
Additional notes: This system hosts CMHBBS:W8CQK, the primary packet BBS in Columbus, Ohio.

Please select your county or the county you wish to link to from the list below:

If you have any questions on how to edit any pages here, feel free to send a message to KB8UVN@KB8UVN.#CMH.OH.USA.NOAM or