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Noble County Packet Nodes

Nodecall: N2LC-7
Nodealias: NOBLOH
Software: G8BPQ Node
Operating Frequencies/Baudrates:
Local user access on 440.77 and 145.77
Intra-D9 bridging of 145.070 MHz 1200 Baud to 145.010 MHz 1200 Baud
Linking and experimentation on 223.66 and 446.975
Location: Belle Valley, Ohio
Lee, N2LC
Additional notes:
Tying southern District 9 ARES with northern and eastern parts of the district and to Coshocton, home of D9 DEC and to Central Ohio.

Local Nodes KB8UVN-7 KB8YDK-1 W8HH-1 KB8YJJ-7 WX8OH-7 W8VP-1

Images of this system are available at