Long Term Goals

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Long Term Goals

There are several things I would like to see happen with Packet Radio in Ohio.

  • The first and foremost goal is to be available in the event of any type of natural disaster or some form of attack. Between the terrorist attacks of 2001, the east coast blackout of 2003 or the hurricane after hurricane in 2004, we all know how quickly our infrastructure can crumble underneath us. Cell phones, high speed Internet access, electricity can all be gone an an instant. This is where we come in. When all else fails, amateur (packet) radio can fill in the gap that is created. I would like for us to be able to efficiently move data from Cincinnati to Cleveland, from Toledo to Galopolis any everywhere in between. I would like to have people ready to go, statewide at a moments notice to go into action and help national, state and/or local officials in times of emergency.
  • The other thing I would like to see as time progresses is an open network. What I mean by this is come up with some standards that will allow ANYONE who wishes to help out do so. While I feel that our network should be coordinated as much as possible, I do not feel we should exclude anyone who wishes to help by our setup. For this reason, I propose we try to setup and maintain "regional" link frequencies. I realize that these frequencies may overlap with current band plans for your area, so I very much would like others input here. This is the tentative plan for Central Ohio and very well may "fit" for other section of the state.

  • Columbus/Central Ohio
  70 cm: 446.625 MHz 1200 Baud

  • Lancaster
  70 cm: 440.500 MHz 1200 Baud
  • Southeast Ohio
  70 cm: 446.975 MHz 1200 Baud
  • Statewide
  6 Meters: 50.640 MHz 1200 Baud
  2 Meters: 145.010 MHz 1200 Baud
  1.25 Meters: 223.660 MHz 1200 Baud
  70 cm: 446.500 MHz 1200 Baud

The idea here is to have Net/Rom setup to broadcast on these frequencies to allow others who may be new to packet link in their own Node setups. On that note, if you do intend on setting up a node, please make an effort to contact the person who which you are linking so they may make adjustments to their own nodes to accommodate whatever it is you are bringing onto the network.