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How can I Help??

So you want to help? Great! We need it. There are many different ways you can help us. Below are just a few examples:



There is no component to a radio setup that will benefit or hurt a stations performance like an antenna. Do you have a spare beam or vertical collecting dust? Would you like to see it put back into service? We will gladly accept any and all 6m, 2m, 1.25m and 70cm directional and omni directional antennas you have to offer. We will hold onto them until there is a site available for us to install them.

Power Supplies

None of this works too well without power! Have you recently upgraded to a big 35 or 50 amp supply? Have an old 10-20 amp sitting in the corner of your shack? We can put it to use. Most of our nodes are comprised of one or more 25-60w radios. As you know this takes a decent amount of amperage to keep rolling. Any size supply you want to donate would be appreciated.


The hardest worked component of any node setup is the radio. Whether it is a 5 watt HT or 60w mobile rig, we can make use of it. We are currently after any 6m, 2m, 1.25m and 70cm radios.


Have you recently upgraded to a new shiny KAMXL or KPC-9612? Do you have an old KPC-3 or MFJ-1270 sitting on a shelf? We can put it back into service. If you are not sure if your TNC will be of use, ask! We can make just about anything benefit the cause in some fashion.


There is one thing that will make or break our network. Location, Location, Location. Do you have an open spot on your tower? Are you in a fairly high elevation? Would you like to help us link our states together? We want to hear from you! We will come to your location, on your schedule, take a site survey and when ready, deliver whatever equipment needed to make the most of your location. You can be as hands on or hands off as you wish. If you have a site in mind that you would like to offer up, please email me. [1]


When we are given a new site to setup equipment, it sometimes takes two or three sets of hands to get everything working correctly. Do you have some time in the evenings or weekends and like to travel across this beautiful state? We can use your help too! Whether it is hooking up equipment, doing a field strength test or simply holding an umbrella, we can use any willing help. This is not limited to travel. Sometimes we will receive equipment that is in need of repair. We need help here too! If you feel that you have anything to offer, it will be greatly appreciated and will often earn you some free pizza :)

New Ideas

I will be the first to admit that I don't always see all possible solutions. We will gladly take input from veterans and newcomers alike about how we operate, how things are setup and where we place our focus. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or anyone else if you feel that anything can be improved here. We are all on the same team here, working towards one goal.