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Harrison County Packet Nodes

Nodecall: KB8YDK-1
Nodealias: HARCO
Software: TheNet Plus 2.12st
Radio - Kenwood TM-241A 2M 50W transceiver
TNC - MFJ-1270B (TNC-2 clone)
Antenna - Omni (gain +?) vertical @ 1280' AMSL
Operating Frequencies/Baudrates:
145.010 MHz 1200 Baud
Location: Deersville, Ohio
Contact: Greg, N8GD, Matt, KB8UVN
Additional notes:

     The HARCO:KB8YDK-1 node wnet down around 9:30 PM local time on 9/19/2021.
     N8GD visited the site on 10/1/2021 and replaced the failing power supply.
     The node is now back in service as of 3:00 PM local time on 10/1/2021.

Good connectivity to WINTVL:N8GD-7 node on 145.01 MHz to the east in Wintersville (Jefferson Co.), OH
Also good connectivity to JTSW1:KB8UVN-7 to the west in Johnstown (Licking Co.), OH
Images of this node are available at https://ohiopacket.org/images/switches/HARCO/