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Here is a list of things we are collectively working on.


  • Acquire/split up power supplies at CMHSW2, CMHSW3, CMHSW4, #RCHWD to handle higher load from Midland LMR Radios
  • Acquire large spool (1000ft) of RG-213 and PL-259 Connectors.
  • Continue to acquire gear/test equipment for shared workshop. Will need antennas to cover as much HF as possible, 6m, 2m, 222 MHz, 70cm. Spare power supplies, few computers for workstations/web search, eprom burning facilities, packet host to test cables for 4 main interfaces: soundmodem(Linux), DRSI, TNC2, Kantronics 9 pin.
  • Locate Midland LMR radio which will cover 430 MHz, several are candidates including: 70-530A 70-565A 70-1526A 70-1530A 70-1532A 70-1595A 70-1695A 70-5301A 70-5302A. Have eBay saved searched watching on there, keep eyes out at hamfests, these seem to be hard to find. Needed for RF link from Lancaster to Old Washington.
  • Locate portable computer, 20amp switching power supply and appropriate cabling for a portable LMR programming station covering both Syntech I and XTR/Syntech II models.
  • Syntech I programmer. Ordered on 5/5, expected ship on 5/7. ***Update 6/02/09*** Programmer arrived, successfully programming Z-273 and Z-383 modules.
  • Diamond MX-2000 (6m/2m/70cm) Triplexers with pigtails to allow connections to LMR radios.
  • SWR Meter effective up to 1200 MHz for usage for 33cm and 23cm antenna construction.

Component orders:


  • Precidion Voltage Regulator/Linear UA723CN : Jameco# 1129906 (Qty 10) [Astron Rebuilds]
  • 1.25x25" Inline Fuse Holder: Jameco# 108792 (Qty. 50) [LMR Power Cables]
  • Minifit Jr. 10 conductor receptical housing: Jameco# 880714 (Qty 40) [Mini XTR (8ch) Power Connectors]


  • 500 pF Ceramic Disc Capacitor: Mouser# 562R10TST50 (Qty 10) - equal number to UA723CN Regulators [Astron Rebuilds]
  • 10a Fast Acting Glass Fuses: Mouser# 576-0312010.MXP (Qty 100) - equal to 2x the 1.25"x.25" Inline Fuse Holders [LMR Power Cables]
  • Bipolar Transistor 2N3771: Mouser# 511-2N3771 (Qty 40) - Replacements for Astron Power Supplies [Astron Rebuilds]
  • .093 Molex Pin Extractor: Mouser# 538-11-03-0006 (Qty 2) [LMR Power Cables]
  • Digital Multimeter, Fluke-115: Mouser# 676-115 (Qty 1) (General use)
  • 3v Lithium Battery for MFJ-1270b/c, 1274, 1289: Mouser# 639-CR2430-P22 (Qty 10) [TNC Maintenance]
  • Audio Bridge Amplifier TDA7240A: Mouser# 511-TDA7240AH (Qty 5) [XTR Maintenence/Repair]
  • .140 In diameter pin plugs: Mouser# 571-350391-1 (Qty 100) [Syntech I High Power Connectors]
  • Universal Mate-n-Lock 9 pin connectors: Mouser# 571-14806730 (Qty 25) [Syntech I High Power Connectors]
  • Minifit Jr. Connector female pins .143": Mouser# 538-39-00-0078 (Qty 200) [Mini XTR (8ch) Power Connectors]


  • Build cabinet for #RCHWD site, must house computer, radios, power supplies, TNCs. Computer should have 2 serial ports and wireless network card. Computer obtained, build in progress. Total count is 5 radios (1 6m, 2 2m, 1 1.25m and 1 70cm) and 6 TNCs (BPQ32 will be on all but APRS TNC, which will be linked to VM of Linux running Xastir for a digipeater/Igate). The 6th TNC will be wired to "share" the 145.010 radio to give both BPQ32 service as well as a Linux based RMS gateway. ***Update 5/11/09*** Computer built on Dell, had problems with Linksys N card, transplated into IBM desktop, still getting inconsistant behavior with wireless card. Going to return PCI card and locate Wireless Bridge.
  • Build Tennis ball Launchers to aid in installation of antennas in trees
  • Construct small 222 MHz antenna to be installed very high at CMHSW3 site in hopes of having a clear shot to CMHSW4. ***Update 5/10/09*** 4 Element quad built and installed. 1.4:1 SWR on target frequency. Seems to be holding a fairly strong link. Varies between S1 and S5 depending on time of day.
  • Implement 10m FM 1200 Baud RF ports on CMHSW2, CMHSW3. Twinlead dipole constructed for CMHSW2, need coax. Tentative frequency of 29.685 MHz. ***Update 5/10/09*** Radio and TNC are onsite @ CMHSW2. No antenna yet so radio is powered down.
  • Establish 70cm 1200 Baud link between CMHSW2 and CMHSW3 in 441 MHz range. CMHSW2 will use 70cm side (Duplexer is on site) of AR-270B. Unknown antenna for CMHSW3. ***Update 6/02/09*** Midland Syntech I onsite @ CMHSW2. Channel 42, 440.050. There are audio problems. Reversed TXA and GND on mic connector which did not fix. Suspect extremely low TX drive level from TNC. Will need to revert mic cable wiring and crank up R76 in TNC to get adequate audio drive. Also ensure preamp has been transplanted into radio successfully (take neutered mic + HT)
  • Install APRS Digipeater at N8FRT's QTH. Use directional antenna to favor 71S away from Columbus.****Update 6/21/09**** Install is up and going. Using AR2 Omni at the moment. Seems to be doing ok. Will get better when tower goes up.
  • Rebuild N8FRT's hamshack computer with Ubuntu and configure Soundmodem as needed.
  • Build collinear PVC 2m J-Pole for KD8HEZ Home/Voice station
  • Where the hell is The Rick? ***Update 6/02/09*** He's been busy failing. Please try your call again later.****Update 6/21/09**** He is still failing and now has been named the CFO (Chief Failing Officer)of the group.


  • Work on Radio/TNC/Computer setup for CMHSW1 site (Lincoln tower)
  • Wire up BPQ Polling cable for CMHSW2 (6) and #RCHWD (5). Connectors have arrived. ***Update 5/9/09*** Successfully build 6, 4 and 2 port polling cables. 6 port in use at CMHSW2 as of 5/10.
  • Burn appropriate BPQKISS eproms with Channels A-F for CMHSW2, A-D for #RCHWD. ***Update 5/9/09*** Completed
  • Investigate 30m APRS HF I-Gate, unsure of location, probably CMHSW2 or maybe CMHSW4 if compact antenna is devised.
  • Testing Midland 70-9020 (806-870 MHz) Radios for possible 33cm work, used for local linking to keep 70cm clear.'**** Did these work???? ****


  • Continue to modify Midland LMR Radios for Microphone Pre-Amp installation in radio ***Finished as of 5/2/09***
  • Replace 6m, 2m, 70cm radios at CMHSW2 and #RCHWD. CMHSW3 upgraded, need to add 6m Syntech I once V2000 is installed and Duplexer issues are resolved.
  • Upgrade 222 MHz link from CMHSW3 to CMHSW4 to 9600 Baud. KPC-9612s free. Probably QSY frequency down to 223.400.
  • Allocate recycled 2m Mobile radio for KD8HEZ to use, reacquire IC-27a from his mobile setup. Probably TM-241a
  • Fix man door to garage at CMHSW3, begin building benches and running electric