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Here is a list of things we are collectively working on.


  • Acquire/split up power supplies at CMHSW2, CMHSW3, CMHSW4, #RCHWD to handle higher load from Midland LMR Radios
  • Acquire large spool (1000ft) of RG-213 and PL-259 Connectors.
  • Continue to acquire gear/test equipment for shared workshop. Will need antennas to cover as much HF as possible, 6m, 2m, 222 MHz, 70cm. Spare power supplies, few computers for workstations/web search, eprom burning facilities, packet host to test cables for 4 main interfaces: soundmodem(Linux), DRSI, TNC2, Kantronics 9 pin.
  • Locate Midland LMR radio which will cover 430 MHz, several are candidates including: 70-530A 70-565A 70-1526A 70-1530A 70-1532A 70-1595A 70-1695A 70-5301A 70-5302A. Have eBay saved searched watching on there, keep eyes out at hamfests, these seem to be hard to find. Needed for RF link from Lancaster to Old Washington.
  • Locate portable computer, 20amp switching power supply and appropriate cabling for a portable LMR programming station covering both Syntech I and XTR/Syntech II models.
  • Syntech I programmer. Source located, awaiting funds transfer (Paypal) to place order.
  • Diamond MX-2000 (6m/2m/70cm) Triplexers with pigtails to allow connections to LMR radios.

Component orders:


  • Precidion Voltage Regulator/Linear UA723CN : Jameco# 1129906 (Qty 10) [Astron Rebuilds]
  • 1.25x25" Inline Fuse Holder: Jameco# 108792 (Qty. 50) [LMR Power Cables]

Mouser: Rulez

  • 500 pF Ceramic Disc Capacitor: Mouser# 562R10TST50 (Qty 10) - equal number to UA723CN Regulators [Astron Rebuilds]
  • 10a Fast Acting Glass Fuses: Mouser# 576-0312010.MXP (Qty 100) - equal to 2x the 1.25"x.25" Inline Fuse Holders [LMR Power Cables]
  • Bipolar Transistor 2N3771: Mouser# 511-2N3771 (Qty 40) - Replacements for Astron Power Supplies [Astron Rebuilds]
  • .093 Molex Pin Extractor: Mouser# 538-11-03-0006 (Qty 2) [LMR Power Cables]


  • Build cabinet for #RCHWD site, must house computer, radios, power supplies, TNCs. Computer should have 2 serial ports and wireless network card.
  • Build Tennis ball Launchers to aid in installation of antennas in trees
  • Construct small 222 MHz antenna to be installed very high at CMHSW3 site in hopes of having a clear shot to CMHSW4.
  • Implement 10m FM 1200 Baud RF ports on CMHSW2, CMHSW3. Folded dipole constructed for CMHSW2, need coax. Tentative frequency of 29.685 MHz.
  • Establish 70cm 1200 Baud link between CMHSW2 and CMHSW3 in 441 MHz range. CMHSW2 will use 70cm side (Duplexer is on site) of AR-270B. Unknown antenna for CMHSW3.
  • Install APRS Digipeater at N8FRT's QTH. Use directional antenna to favor 71S of Columbus.
  • Rebuild N8FRT's hamshack computer with Ubuntu and configure Soundmodem as needed.
  • Build collinear PVC 2m J-Pole for KD8HEZ Home/Voice station


  • Work on Radio/TNC/Computer setup for CMHSW1 site (Lincoln tower)
  • Wire up BPQ Polling cable for CMHSW2 (6) and #RCHWD (5). Connectors have arrived.
  • Burn appropriate BPQKISS eproms with Channels A-F for CMHSW2, A-D for #RCHWD.
  • Investigate 30m APRS HF I-Gate, unsure of location, probably CMHSW2 or maybe CMHSW4 if compact antenna is devised.


  • Continue to modify Midland LMR Radios for Microphone Pre-Amp installation in radio ***Finished as of 5/2/09***
  • Replace 6m, 2m, 70cm radios at CMHSW2 and #RCHWD. CMHSW3 upgraded, need to add 6m Syntech I once V2000 is installed and Duplexer issues are resolved.
  • Upgrade 222 MHz link from CMHSW3 to CMHSW4 to 9600 Baud. KPC-9612s free. Probably QSY frequency down to 223.400.
  • Allocate recycled 2m Mobile radio for KD8HEZ to use, reacquire IC-27a from his mobile setup.
  • Fix man door to garage at CMHSW3, begin building benches and running electric