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TCP/IP Information

TCP/IP over Packet offers up some interesting possibilities to extend usage of Packet. John, N8UR maintains good information on his website.


I have recently taken over addressing for Ohio and am working on inheriting coordination duties from John.

Here are the currently assigned subnets for Ohio.

Currently Allocated Ohio Subnets

Subnet/Bits County City Frequency Speed Switch/Server Coordinator
[]/27 Franklin Columbus 144.97 1200 KB8UVN KB8UVN (kb8uvn@columbus.rr.com) kb8uvn@kb8uvn.#cmh.oh.usa.noam
[]/27 Franklin Columbus TBD TBD KC8AWQ KC8AWQ
[]/27 Franklin Columbus TBD TBD KD8ZGG KD8ZGG
[]/27 Franklin Columbus TBD TBD N8WQ N8WQ
[]/24 Franklin Columbus TBD TBD W8DIG W8DIG
[]/27 Erie Sandusky TBD TBD AB8YY AB8YY (ab8yy@sbcglobal.net)
[]/27 Trumbull Newton Falls TBD TBD WN8B WN8B for future gateway
[]/27 Warren Maineville TBD TBD N8VSI N8VSI
[]/27 Ashtabula Andover TBD TBD N8OHU N8OHU (daywalker_blade_2004@yahoo.com)
[]/27 Carroll Dellroy TBD TBD N8YK
[]/27 Cuyahoga Parma TBD TBD W8KDG
[]/27 Ashtabula Geneva TBD TBD WB5OD WB5OD
[]/27 Trumbull Warren TBD TBD KC8GSH KC8GSH
[]/24 Brunswick Medina TBD TBD KD8TWH KD8TWH
[]/27 North Olmstead Cuyahoga TBD TBD AE8ET AE8ET
[]/24 Lexington Richland TBD TBD KD8SNF KD8SNF
[]/26 Rittman Medina TBD TBD N8CD N8CD
[]/27 Stark Canton TBD TBD KD8UYO KD8UYO
[]/24 Cuyahoga Cleveland TBD TBD WA8LIV
[]/24 Trumbull Hubbard TBD TBD KE8GCM
[]/27 Jefferson Toronto TBD 1200 AA8IA AA8IA
[]/27 Washington Newport 145.09/145.69 1200 K8KHW K8KHW (k8khw-1@earthlink.net) k8khw@k8khw.#seoh.oh.usa.noam
[]/27 Washington Belpre TBD TBD N9LA N9LA
[]/27 Fairfield Lancaster TBD TBD KC8MLN KC8MLN
[]/27 Montgomery Dayton 144.990 1200 N8ACV N8UR (jra@febo.com)
[]/27 Montgomery Dayton 420.95/430.95 19200 N8ACV N8UR (jra@febo.com)
[]/27 Hamilton TBD TBD KB8PMY KB8PMY (kb8pmy@kb8pmy.net)
[]/27 Butler Middletown 144.910 1200 W8JEU:DIAL W8EH (W8EH@W8JEU.#DAY.OH.USA.NOAM) W8EH@INFINET.COM
[]/26 Preble West Alexandria HSMM-MESH HSMM-MESH W8DCF WW8DCF
[]/27 Hamilton Cincinnati 144.950 1200 WB8NWQ WB8NWQ (wb8nwq@erinet.com)
[]/27 W8YFS W8YFS (petrocjw@email.uc.edu)
[]/27 Hamilton Cincinnati 145.01, 144.97, 223.44, 441.025 1200 1200 1200 9600 N8ZFM N8ZFM (n8zfm@n8zfm.ml.org)
[]/27 Warren Morrow KD8SEP KD8SEP
[]/27 Miami Troy TBD TBD KF8MZ KF8MZ (clintheffner@gmail.com)
[]/27 Loveland Hamilton TBD TBD KC2JAV KC2JAV
[]/27 Warren Morrow TBD TBD KE6YKX KE6YKX
[]/27 Warren Mason TBD TBD WU1N WU1N
[]/27 Darke Ansonia TBD TBD TBD N8YD
[]/27 Darke New Madison TBD TBD K8QJH K8QJH
[]/27 Seneca Republic TBD TBD KA8TEF KA8TEF
[]/27 Lima Allen TBD TBD KG5ZI KG5ZI
[]/27 Findlay ? N8TL
[]/27 Auglaize Wapakoneta TBD TBD AC8OB AC8OB (ac8ob@nowindows.net)
[]/27 Washington Little Hocking 147.585 1200 N8RNP N8RNP

Subnet Allocation
Subnets Allocation
0-3 Unconnected Hosts
4-11 Central Ohio
12-27 Northeast Ohio
28-35 Southeast Ohio
36-43 Southwest Ohio
44-51 Northwest Ohio
52-62 Reserved for the 21st Century
63 Temporary and Experimental Use