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Licking County Packet Nodes

Nodecall: KB8UVN-11
Nodealias: CMHSW4
Software: G8BPQ Version 4.09d
Operating Frequencies/Baudrates:
51.140 MHz 1200 Baud
145.010 MHz 1200 Baud
223.420 MHz 1200 Baud
223.660 MHz 1200 Baud
446.625 MHz 1200 Baud
Location: Johnstown, Ohio
Matt, KB8UVN
Additional notes:
The 223.660 Port is on a side mounted dipole pointed south towards Lancaster.
The 223.420 Port is on a 4 element beam pointed west towards Worthington.

There is also an UIDIGI System at this same location on 144.390.

Callsign: KB8UVN-11
Nodealias: JNSTWN
Software: UIDigi Version 1.9 Beta 3

This system is WIDEn-n compliant.